We work with Clayworks clay plasters. Clayworks is based in Cornwall in the South West of England. Established in 2002 by Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce, Clayworks manufactures their unique blends of natural clay plaster for the architectural and interior design industries.

Clayworks' rustic clay plaster finishes, textures and colours.
Clayworks’ rustic clay plaster finishes, textures and colours.

Leading the field in the development of environmentally friendly architecture and the design of healthy environments Clayworks is now considered an industry expert and has a string of  awards to its name.

Clayworks' clay plaster finishes, textures and colours.

Clayworks’ philosophy Clayworks’ business has developed from a deep-rooted passion for combining natural materials with innovative and eye-catching design. Recognising that a successful fusion of function and form was in fact possible has lead Clayworks to continue their quest for developing healthy, beautiful and high performance interiors.

Clayworks' clay plaster finishes, textures and colours.

As such, Clayworks’ projects combine beauty with purpose. Not only do their clay plasters look good, they also perform vital and beneficial function including:

  a timeless appeal and enduring beauty

  hard wearing and durable finishes

  provide high performance and support versatile finishes

  provide flexible and adaptable interiors, create environments that enhance well-being


PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS Very low embodied carbon and embodied energy • 100% natural – nontoxic, zero VOC emissions and no synthetic additives • Recyclable, reusable or 100% compostable • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ) through the absorption of toxins and odours • Passive regulation of internal humidity levels due to hygroscopic and vapour permeable nature • Seamless surfaces and flexibility accommodates movement of building elements • Through body coloured and UV resistant, meaning no painting, repainting or fading • Durable, easy to maintain, repairable surfaces • Effective acoustic absorber • Applicable to a variety of surfaces.

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